Board Committees

The Board continually monitors its procedures for reviewing the effectiveness of its systems of internal controls and is assisted by certain committees. A description of the specific responsibilities which have been delegated to them is set out below.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is chaired by Graham Miller and its other members are Sean Swales and Robert De Barr. The Committee has written terms of reference and provides a forum for reporting by the Group’s external auditors. All members of the Committee are Non-Executive Directors, although other individuals may be requested to attend all or part of any meeting as the Committee considers appropriate.

The Audit Committee is responsible for a wide range of financial matters including the half year and annual financial statements before submission to the Board and monitoring the internal controls and risk management systems which are in place to ensure the integrity of the financial information reported to the shareholders. The Committee is also responsible for making recommendations to the Board to be put to shareholders for approval at the AGM, in relation to the appointment and removal of the Group’s external auditors, determining their remuneration and monitoring the auditors’ performance and independence.

In relation to non-audit work, we carefully review whether it is necessary for the auditors firm to carry out such work and we will only grant approval for them to do so if we are satisfied that the auditors’ independence is maintained. The Group’s auditors assist in this by ensuring that the partner responsible for the external audit remains responsible for the audit for no more than five years and that there is a quality review partner who is involved in planning the audit and in the reviewing of the final accounts including assessing any critical matters identified in the audit. The auditors have also confirmed to the Audit Committee that they have compiled with all relevant guidance issued by the Financial Reporting Council and have implemented appropriate safeguards including that non-audit related services are performed by personnel independent of the audit engagement team. The fees paid to the auditor for audit and non-audit services are disclosed.

The Audit Committee recommended to the Board that the audit engagement was put out to competitive tender and Nexia Smith and Williamson LLP were successful in the process and appointed auditors in January 2015.

Nominations Committee

Members of the Nomination Committee are Graham Miller and Jason Schofield. The Nomination Committee is responsible for proposing candidates to the Board having regard to its balance, expertise and structure. The Nomination Committee is also responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding appointments to the Audit and Remuneration Committees.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is chaired by Robert De Barr and its other members are Sean Swales and Graham Miller. The Committee, within its written terms of reference, determines and agrees with the Board the employment terms and remuneration packages of the Executive Directors. The Executive Directors make recommendations to the Board regarding the remuneration of Non-Executive Directors. Independent advice on remuneration is taken where considered appropriate.